December, 2015

A week or more of cold. One day we needed fans, and the next day we needed blankets, and had to get the quilts out (I think that’s how you translate ‘lep’, though it’s probably best applied for kombol‘). Every day there was fog, and I noticed yesterday that the sun looked like the disc described in The Ancient Mariner, if I remember it correctly. We had to keep the windows shut because there was a wind up all night; fog by day, and wind at night. So much for the hot December that we were complaining about. But the fog was nice, because it brought the cold, and gave us something to talk about while making everything look, well, foggy. Like that Dickens novel. The sun is up today, though; it looks like we might have a nice December, after all.

My tests are nearly over. I’m trying to get back to studying about the Marxist theory of the origin of state, but you will concede that it’s hard when there’s so much fun to be had on one’s phone. I’m sorry if my language sounds uneven: I’m not in a very, shall we say, classical mood. I was almost set to miss the (delayed) Star Wars premiere, because I won’t be in town for a while after my tests end, but everything turned out fine.

I remember that I was thinking of Mars. Something about my textbook reminded me of that new planet in the Goldilocks zone (of its respective star, yes); it’s too close to the star to rotate diurnally, so winds blow continuously from the hot side to the cold, sunless one. I imagine that the cold comes into the hot part, in turn. So I was wondering if there might be a Europe-sized chunk where the temperature, by some rule of geography, might be suitable for a colony of a few million people. That got me thinking of Mars again: of John Carter, the clean-limbed fighting man from Virginia, and his calot Woola, wandering over a dying world. I guess that mythos is special to me, no matter how much I watch Star Wars or read Tolkien.

If you don’t like my rambling, you can head over to Facebook, where I keep things concise and pithy. In other news, I got a haircut that makes me look like a wannabe football player (too short). My tests went well, thank you, even though I barely studied this semester. I guess everyone says that, though. My laptop isn’t working, so I’m reading a little manga on my phone; did I mention it got an update to Lollipop? The funniest part is that I didn’t even realise it – I just thought the UI was changed. I’ll stop now. I can always write later.