Note the ellipsis in the heading: it means that there remain things to do.

I changed the theme. The default one for 2016 looked best, since I like filling my blog with words more than with pictures. Scrolling through the options made me think about adding a little more colour, though; though, again, I don’t know what I’d take pictures of.

I should probably be studying, but I kept meaning to do this, and I couldn’t resist. My laptop is working again, and typing on it is a delight. It’s still malfunctioning frequently, though, and right now the lid over the motherboard isn’t even screwed in, because I’ll probably have to open it the next time I want to start the machine. That won’t be for some time, because I’ve been defragmenting my 47% fragmented disk since yesterday. By the way, can you tell I’ve changed fonts? Let me know if it looks too casual; I like to be taken seriously, and my humour must be seen with a backdrop of seriousness.

No, I haven’t written any essays. I’m even considering putting them right here. But that gives me an idea; I could make the Articles page more visual. If only I’d thought of that sooner. Making bullet points at the top of a list is troublesome.

One thing remains for me to do: put up a simple header image with the site’s title. That, and my little adventure I referred to earlier. My father is ill, but he wants me to go. If I do, it will be on a moment’s decision. But that moment draws near.

I think I’d better make an announcement. But perhaps it’s best I do it later. There’s a pleasant breeze up, and it’s a fine day. I liked the morning, too, but dense fog isn’t for everyone. I can’t decide how to sign off. Well, then, good day.


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