There and Back Again

I just came home from Pune. I had what must be admitted to be an adventure. I participated in the Symbiosis School of Economics Model United Nations, 2016. I was France in the General Assembly.

I sent my laptop to sleep while I took a shower and had dinner. I’m typing this before bed. Over the next few days I will publish in detail the many events that I was witness to, every single one of which reminded me that I was alive, from a bawling baby in a train to applause from a crowd of strangers, many of whom I already miss. Many details of a delicate nature must be left out from my narrative, and some of it may never be said. The titles to the posts will refer to The Hobbit, because what I had was a Bilbo Baggins experience.

Much remains to be said, perhaps even as a preamble to my travelogue; but it’s getting late, and I have to go to college tomorrow. I go to bed with a healthy share of victory, regret, and contentment.


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