The Aftermath

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Debating religion with my best friend has taken its toll on me.

I texted the Secretary General (I’ll call him ‘Sec-Gen’ now) a couple of hours ago. Turns out ‘verbal praise’ doesn’t count as a position. So, to put the truth out there in bold, here it is: I did not win anything in Pune. What I got was special mention.

I’m going to apply for the JUMUN. Jadavpur University is right down the road compared to Pune. I’m hoping to do better this time.

To conclude, I’m trying to lead a healthier life; it’s not easy. It is, however, the most logical thing to do. Sorry for being so cryptic. These things will be spoken of in due time. Now that I’ve told you what I got, let me tell you why Pune was worth it.


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