Say, troll, where is thy victory?

When I decided to write this weeks ago, I didn’t know the whole story. It’s ironic that the subject of this essay turned out to be a hoax. Naturally, this weakens my argument, and possibly renders it void. But I think it’s safe to say that the crux of my idea stands, despite the actual events that transpired.

Know Your Meme tells me it all started in October, 2015, on 4chan. Some idiots decided to start a hoax hashtag campaign on social media, encouraging women to post pictures of urinating in their clothes, in support of rape victims who soil themselves. The grand idea was that this would embarrass feminists who complied. Many women tweeted their pictures, wearing wet jeans and dresses.

It doesn’t end there. As The Daily Dot points out, the pictures submitted by the ‘participants’ were part of an elaborate hoax. Apparently, there were no actual people posting photos of themselves in soiled clothes – it was 4chan all along.

Let’s step back and just truly appreciate how hilarious this is: a bunch of little boys decided to spend their time creating fake Twitter accounts, finding or creating pictures of women with urine-soaked pants, and posting them. All in the hopes that somewhere, somehow, an adult woman would see that and think, “Yes, this makes sense and it is something I would like to do as well.”

Obviously that last part never happened, so all the world was left with was a bunch of kids spending all their time sharing pictures of pissed pants and giggling. Frankly, that’s already a win in my book. I’d rather they waste their time combing through fetish porn sites and spraying down their girliest-looking skinny jeans with water rather than doxxing people.

It got even funnier, though, when other anti-feminists and men’s rights activists picked up on all this. Today, I saw that the front page of Reddit featured a link to an InfoWars article — yes, that’s Alex Jones’s website, because the MRA/ridiculous conspiracy theorist Venn diagram is basically a single circle — all about #PissForEquality.

– Rebecca Watson (see above link)

In other words, #pissforequality never happened. The media went crazy over something that no ‘social media feminists’ actually fell for.

Here’s where my idea starts. What if they did? What if it hadn’t been a hoax? What if, among the hundreds of pictures, there was just one person who didn’t know it was a hoax? What if even one person actually peed their pants, and took a picture of it? What if just one person wanted to show support for rape victims who lose control over their bowels?

Would 4chan have ‘won’? Would these imbeciles have had their sweet victory? Would this person, smiling boldly at the camera with their clothes dripping, have cut the figure of a fool? When their picture was doing the rounds and being laughed at by the world, were they ridiculous? Or is someone capable of throwing their shame to the winds not the fool here? What if someone was brave enough to mock themselves thus, if only to tell others, ‘It’s okay’? What if someone was brave enough to ’embarrass’ themselves? What if someone was brave enough to shake off Genovese syndrome and stand alone by a victim’s side?

‘What would Rorshach think,’ I can’t help wondering.

Would the 4chan trolls have won, or proved themselves foolish, spiteful, apathetic, and petty? Would not this solitary figure, with urine running down their legs, have become so much the greater person than these mindless husks in their dark cells?

O troll, where is thy victory?


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