I got a prize at an anime meet

As the reader will note in the capitalisation in the title, I made an effort to distance my personal blog post from the slightly, slightly less subjective article I wrote. I went to my first KAC meet since 2014, which, I regret to admit, was only my first. Yes, this was my second meet, but in my defence, I usually have tests right after meets. The meet was at Sloth’s place, which is on the other side of the broad road that runs through our little township. I’ve been to his place before; he lives close by and he’s become a good friend. He has good taste in memes, I may add to his credit. His ringtone is Stray from Wolf’s Rain.

The first person I met was someone I introduced to later comers as ‘the duck post guy’. He posts panels from Donald Duck comics in the group. The second person to show up identified me as a friend of Ruru. Yet more reason, I may jocularly speculate, to cut this cancer out from my life. The reader will forgive my informality.

Well, I got a prize in the second quiz, that happened at the end of the meet. The first one was more interesting, though: sixty questions, of which the duck post guy said twenty-five were from One Piece. I was saddened, as usual, to see that I’d forgotten much of what I’d seen over the years. Not that I should feel particularly ashamed; Ruru’s friend has read all of the present length of the One Piece manga, and he couldn’t answer most of it. The admins kept saying that if Sunny senpai had been there, people who couldn’t answer their questions could never have answered his.

I think I answered a few. I also asked a few. Sloth and I had a total bro moment, complete with extended gaping and pointing, when I correctly answered who the female homunculi were in the 2003 FMA anime. I was also very pleased when he and a well-informed young lady answered  what anime was based on the Chinese text on which Dragon Ball was, before I’d finished asking: Sloth went above and beyond the call of duty by asking if I had seen Monkey Typhoon (Oh, hoho, yes).

Now, if the reader will be so kind, I wrote an essay on a little piece of art that fascinated me, and continues to please the senses when I look at it.


Brave New Plans

I’ve done something very brave, as far as my life so far is concerned. I made up my mind to get the little things over with before going forward. Today, there was an unfortunate revelation in college, and while it is certainly difficult for most of us, I put my mind to it, finished rewatching the new episode, and penned my thoughts on the small matter of The Abominable Bride. Read it, if you will, and share your thoughts. Perhaps I’ll add pictures later, if I can.

Now, if you’re curious, anonymous reader, I don’t think I should tell you what happened at college; suffice it to say that it concerns academics. But I am eager to tell you about my adventure, but since it stands in doubt, I leave it for a later day.

I have a day off

There’s been a few things on my mind, but I didn’t write anything. I did consider writing something for New Year’s Day, but I didn’t. It would probably have been about what I wrote today. I’ve been trying new things this year, even though I never make resolutions.

I had a bad fever on Sunday. Imagine taking paracetamol and waking up a couple of hours later with an even higher temperature. Thankfully, I got better soon after. And despite the rumours, we finally got a day off from college today. So I decided to stop reading Lamb’s stupid essays and write more of my own. You can read it hear: it’s about originality.

One more thing. I suggested that a friend of mine call her blog’s fans ‘Hue people’ and adopt the name ‘Hugh’ on occasion. Now, it’s no secret that I love cats (I’m loving Neko Atsume), and she called me the ‘Whiz Purrer’. The least I can do is to suggest you read her blog; it’s outstanding.

A Modest Proposal

I have the rare joy of announcing that I have written a ‘modest proposal’. It will not be a pamphlet printed in Ireland; nor is it meant to be satirical. Instead, I address a cultural problem that has been plaguing the English language lately, or rather for ages in a way. As with all such writings, I offer this as a mere passing thought, and I shall be happy to engage in debate with anyone on it, and shall even accept what errors I may find there to be, and will be content to be proven wrong.

I’ve Finally Written It

As the title emphatically declares, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I’ve finally written the article on Attack on Titan that I’ve been meaning to for months. It turned out to a satisfying length, and I’m pleased with it; it shall only add to my joy if my readers should find it illuminating. I have borrowed images I do not own freely for the purpose of my essay, but I hope I may be exonerated as I have exonerated my subject (no, they weren’t taken by amateur photographers, so give me a break).

On a less joyous note, I have an examination tomorrow, so I bid my readers adieu.